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Entry Fee For Tournaments
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Grand Prix Scholarship Program

The Grand Prix Scholarship Program is a program that is designed to award participation in youth bowling to help youth bowlers build a scholarship account for their college years. This program rewards participation, not size, speed, or skill.

This program is open to all youth bowlers who have not graduated from high school. Pre-school age youths are also considered eligible to participate. (Organized bumper leagues.)

Enrolled youth bowlers will receive “points” in their local center by participating in youth league bowling and other related bowling activities.

Each year the “points” will be converted to scholarship dollars and credited under the youth bowler’s name until they graduate from high school.

In order to enroll in the program a youth bowler must apply for registration through our center. An annual fee of $5.00 will be charged per bowler for administration fees.

The bowler while accumulating their Grand Prix points must be in a youth bowling program each year until they graduate from high school. If a youth bowler does not participate in at least one youth league session for the year, all money accumulated will be forfeited. The only exceptions are: illness or injury to a bowler, or the parents are transferred out of state. These instances will go to a state committee and if approved, money will be held in an account for your child.

Once registered in the program, the parents and youth will work with us at this bowling center in fund-raising activities. A minimum of $25.00 per registered bowler per year is required to be raised at the local level to fund the program. The more money that is raised, the larger the scholarship fund.

100% of all funds raised locally will be returned to the registered bowlers in the form of scholarship dollars. When the youth bowler graduates from high school and within 18 months enrolls in a trade school, college, university or technical school, the accumulated dollars will be paid to the educational institute on their behalf.

At least once a year, each bowler in the program will receive a letter with the amount of scholarship dollars to their credit.

There is a state and local level to this program.

State money comes from corporate donations, sponsorships, bowling tournament donations, bowlers that drop from the program, and from 10% of the money raised at the local level. Since the program began in 1989 bowlers have received a total of $363,737.21 in scholarship funds.

State money can be earned in the following tournaments:
National Family Twosome Tournament
Wisconsin State USBC Team or Doubles Tournament
Grand Prix Tournaments

Local money can be earned in:
League participation
City tournament
Fund-raiser events
Holiday Doubles Tournament



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